A small price for luxury

Throughout the 5 months I’ve lived in Thailand, I’ve been constantly amazed by how cheap it is to survive is this beautiful country. My rent and utilities are dirt cheap. I ride public transportation to and from work for $0.16 a day. Even though my salary is adjusted to these cheaper Thai prices, I’ve still been able to save money for when I got back to the west.

Aside from our daily expenses, Jonathan and I have also been pleased to find how cheap luxurious experiences can be as well. Here are three of my favorite little luxuries that I’ve been able to afford in Thailand:

1) The coolest movie theater I’ve ever seen.

When Jonathan and I went to Bangkok to see Zero Dark Thirty before the Oscars rolled around, we found out that the only movie time that worked with our schedule was a screening in some fancy-schmancy VIP theater. We paused at the price, but we are VERY happy we decided to splurge. For about 700 baht (or $23 a person), we were seated in a plush room with about a dozen leather couches and given a blanket, pillow, and offered a choice of food and beverage. It was the comfiest film-viewing experience I’ve ever had.

2. Thai Massage.

Massages are perhaps one of the most famous luxuries of Thailand. Most hour-long massages average around $10 or less, which I’m sure you would never find in America. If you’ve never experienced a traditional Thai massage, you’d be surprised how much stretching, prodding, and bending it involves. And yes, it can be a bit painful. But it’s wonderfully relaxing and worth so much more than the price.

3. Amazing, delicious, CHEAP food.

Images courtesy of wikipedia

For about two meals a day, I’ve been learning about and enjoying dozens of Thai dishes– and all for less than $1-$4 a meal. Whether it’s at the restaurant in our building or in the school cafeteria (which has surprisingly great food!), I’ve been exposed to the sweet, the spicy, the rice-based, and the noodle-based. The biggest staples of my diet are predominantly rice, pork, chicken, eggs, noodles, and some vegetables mixed in. I’ve also become addicted to Thai Green coconut curry and will make it my mission to find a restaurant that serves it well in the west. Until then, I’m enjoying the tastes of Thailand while my pocket can afford it.

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1 Response to A small price for luxury

  1. jennylevine says:

    This reminds me so much of my post about Thailand! Coming back to western prices is going to be hard.

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