Bangkok from a room with a view

Jonathan and I decided to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury this weekend in Bangkok. We’ve been in and out of Thailand’s capital a few times now, once for visa purposes and a couple times to catch a film and grab a nice meal. And while it’s perfect for a cultural Thai experience, it’s also a very modern city with very modern amenities. And after living in a relatively small Thai town for two months now, it was appealing to book a night at a fancy hotel and live in the lap of luxury.

Park Plaza BangkokTea and coffee with a view

Our hotel was beautiful, with a fantastic roof-top pool, the most comfortable bed ever, terry cloth robes, and a TV with tons of English channels. We were out and about quite a bit, but the hotel was fun enough to enjoy on it’s own right.

DSCN0329Jonathan at lunch

Our most interesting destination of the visit was a place called Terminal 21. Basically, it’s a 9-story mega shopping mall that’s modeled so that each level mimics a specific city or region of the world. Like many of the giant city malls in Bangkok, it has tons of shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, a full-size fitness center, and probably more that we didn’t stumble upon.

terminal21 mallThe winding escalators of Terminal 21 in Bangkok

Terminal 21 is actually really cute, in a Disney-like alternate reality sort of way. When you walk into the building, a Thai man wearing a captains uniform salutes you as you go through fake security checks. Each floor then has “gates” that tell you what country you’re about to enter. Every staff member had to dress in the apparel of the country, and tons of artistic representations of landmarks (like the Golden Gate Bridge or London buses) were scattered around each floor. It actually wasn’t kitschy at all, just rather creative. We had a blast.

bangkokcolleenOur weekend was relaxed, which is all you can ask for in such a booming city. Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of Thai culture, but sometimes it’s alright to dwell among the modern comforts.

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One Response to Bangkok from a room with a view

  1. itsbesudesu says:

    The mall sounds really awesome! I’m hoping to make my way to Bangkok in the next 6 months, so I’ll have to check it out 🙂

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