Life in construction [+ a spontaneous beach trip]

Lennon had it right. This quote apt to what’s happening right now in my life. It seems silly now to confidently announce my life plans on a blog when circumstances out of my control change so quickly. Now I feel unsure if I should update on my teaching plans until we’re on a plane headed to teach.

Without being too annoying and vague, I’ll just say that Jonathan and I are in the process of reassessing our plans and looking at different destinations than what I originally published on the blog. We’re committed to teaching abroad, but visas are not being our friends at the moment. We’re just figuring out life as it comes.

And unfortunately, we’ve now been on separate continents for more than a month. While we’re used to this in a long-distance international relationship, it’s even worse when you’re engaged and just want to share the excitement of that moment. Just counting the days and crossing our fingers.

But in other news, my mom and I took a spontaneous trip to the beach this weekend. Thank goodness for Emerald Isle, NC to distract me with sun, sand, fresh sea food, long walks, beach reads, and ocean.

And for moms. Thank goodness for moms.

…and still descending, soon found themselves on the sea-shore; and lingering only, as all must linger and gaze on a first return to the sea…”
Jane Austen, Persuasion 

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