Total Reblog: My trip to Croatia in May 2011

*Note: I thought it would be fun to go back into the vaults of my old blog and pull up a few fun posts about other travel adventures. Here’s one of my favorites about my time in Zadar, Croatia*

Bridging the Gap

Here’s a little mood music to establish that Eastern European atmosphere for my post about my four-day trip to Zadar, Croatia (slideshow of the city included).

Before I left, a lot of my friends and family questioned why Emily, Isabel, and I chose to travel to Croatia instead of other popular European destinations. The real answer? Ryanair’s fantastic price and the assurance by Emily’s friend that it was one of her favorite experiences in Europe. We definitely understood why by the end.

Beyond beautiful.

Croatia is an incredibly underrated portion of Europe. With the too-blue Adriatic sea expanding beside you and super cheap prices, the general atmosphere reminded me a funny combination of the beach atmosphere of the Caribbean, the architecture of Greece, and the culture of Russia and other Eastern European countries. (Hence, our mock accents that sounded something like Borat and Alex from Everything is Illuminated).

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2 Responses to Total Reblog: My trip to Croatia in May 2011

  1. matieca says:

    Eastern European atmosphere, in Croatia?

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