London by instagram

We live in an age where our photos reflect reality more than ever. And yet, as our cameras become more advanced, lenses improve, and our shots more focused, many people in my life seem to be drawn toward an iPhone app that does the opposite. Instagram brings back that nostalgic feeling that photos used to give us. It blurs the edges and alters our photos to look more like our photos from the past. Our fast moving life styles are making us nostalgic for the present.

A photo of me edited by Instagram

Yesterday, Jonathan and I rented bikes to spent an afternoon exploring new parts of the city. As an experiment, I decided to leave my digital camera behind and spend a day capturing London purely by Instagram.

A little atmosphere music

Enjoy a snippet of a day in London with a twist:

Sherlock Holmes statue on Baker Street

The multicolored buildings of Neal’s Yard (close to Covent Garden)

Trafalgar Square

My favorite skyline

Jonathan at Somerset House

A busy event at the National Theater on the South Bank

Around where I live in northwest London

The National Gallery

Street Art

I love London

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2 Responses to London by instagram

  1. sneakergaze says:

    I love Neal’s Yard! I love that crane (it nearly got covered up by a town council poster but a petition saved it)! Nice photos. 🙂 (I love Instagram!)

    – aditi

  2. crpeterson says:

    Agreed, there is something about Instagram photos that I LOVE.

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