An Olympic moment

The world is watching London, and it’s been odd to realize I’m in the epicenter. It wasn’t until recently that I think I actually comprehended how lucky I am to be living in a host city.

Yesterday, Jonathan and I decided to take a walk and have dinner in the city center. Because we live about 30 minutes away on train, it was the first time I’ve been in the city since the start of the games. It was when we were walking by this cute little Olympics statue yesterday (above) that we saw tons of cameras flashing and a large video camera focused on one smiling girl sporting a shiny gold medal around her neck. Jonathan was astute enough to know who she was (Sarah Menezes, the Brazilian judo fighter). But for me, it was just astounding to be about 3 feet away from a real gold medal. I was too surprised by the event to be quick enough to take a picture, but it made me realize how the city is brimming with world-class athletes.

Sarah Menezes with her gold medal (source:

I have to admit, until this year I’ve never been much of an Olympics fanatic (or really… any sports fanatic). I’ve always enjoyed watching certain events (mostly swimming and gymnastics), but couldn’t have cared much for all the random events (i.e. archery, equestrian, etc.) But due to the intense hype and build up to an event happening in (what feels like) my second home, I’ve suddenly found myself actually caring about who’s winning the races (and even yelling at the TV during close events). And for Jonathan’s sake, I’ve even found myself rooting for certain British athletes **gasp!** (is this treason? I don’t know).

Jonathan’s a huge sports fanatic. I’ve joked that if I wasn’t in the house forcing him to get outside, he’d likely be glued to the TV all day. But I can happily say that I’ve been just as entertained this year as he probably is.

And although this picture has nothing to do with my story, here’s a picture I took yesterday of St. Paul’s Cathedral that I thought was too beautiful not to share. Take note of the little red Olympics mascot in the bottom corner. It’s been painted as a red London phone booth.

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4 Responses to An Olympic moment

  1. Sally says:

    Very very cool! I know you’re having a blast. So neat to follow your up-close-and-personal accounts 🙂

  2. Cathy Pienta says:

    I would LOVE to see a real Olympic gold medal and the athlete wearing it. Thanks for sharing your adventures in London amidst all the excitement.

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