Moving forward

We’ve received our first job offer!

After months of planning and researching and emailing and phone calls, we lucked out with an optimistic email Wednesday morning congratulating me and Jonathan on passing our phone interviews and offering us positions at a school in China. I’m going to be slightly discreet on the position since it won’t be official until we’ve signed all the paper work, but I can’t even explain what a relief it is to finally have a more concrete idea of what lies next in our future.

As a clue, our future destination is on this map

Our interviewing process was a whirlwind. We got a random email this week from our placement agency about a school in China that was interested in us. Within 12 hours, we were waking up at 6:30am to accommodate the long-distance call from a far away time zone. The thing that stands out the most from my conversation was a passing joke from my interviewer that one of my potential future co-workers is from Duke and that it might cause strife in the teachers lounge (haha!). I’m glad the UNC-Duke rivalry is recognized internationally.

Go Tar Heels! (via)

Beyond this news, I had a visit from a couple wonderful people this week. Two of my friends from North Carolina made a stop through London on a post-college European adventure. Just as I mentioned on my previous blog, there’s something exciting about being able to introduce people I love to a city that has become my second home. It allows me to see the city through fresh eyes and act like a local, rather than a long-term visitor.

Danielle, Lisa, and me by the gates of Buckingham Palace

Danielle, Lisa and I ended up spending a day and a half visiting many of the famous London landmarks. We watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, took photos by Big Ben, walked along the Thames, and enjoyed an afternoon cream tea at my favorite tea room (Camellia’s Tea House). It was a lot of fun and a fun break from my day-to-day life.

My favorite part of their visit included a visit to Westminster Abbey– a place I’ve never visited before. Most Americans would recognize this landmark as the church that hosted Will and Kate’s royal wedding last spring. Apart from this, it’s most famous for its tombs and relics of old monarchs and other things of monastic significance. I was in awe, however, at a place called poet’s corner.

Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey (via)

Just as the name suggests, this area of the abbey is the site of a few tombs and memorials of famous writers and poets. The area hosts everyone from Chaucer to Shakespeare, from Jane Austen to William Wordsworth. In essence, it’s a book lover’s heaven. I unashamedly followed a guided tour of the area to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Westminster Abbey

So now it’s my final weekend before my English teaching course kicks in. Can’t wait believe I’m already stepping back into a role of a student again! I’ll look forward to sharing my experiences in the near future.

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4 Responses to Moving forward

  1. Good luck with your new teaching adventure. I adored teaching in South Korea! Ellie at http:/

  2. Neil says:

    China?? Wow–I didn’t even know that was in the cards. I must do a better job of keeping in touch with you.

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