A Royal Welcome

I’m completely amazed that it’s only been a week since I arrived in England. Jonathan and his family have been beyond welcoming in helping me settle in and acclimate back into the busy (but familiar) London lifestyle. And what better way to return to the city than to participate in the biggest patriotic event since the Royal Wedding?

Jonathan and me at Battersea Park on the day of the Queen’s boat procession

If you didn’t see it in the news, the UK has been celebrating 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign (just a few years short of Queen Victoria). Jonathan and I were among the million spectators who watched the boat procession along the Thames last weekend. We didn’t have the best view because of the crowds, but I absolutely loved the energy and the showcase of all things British.

Our view of mostly the back of heads, but the Queens’ ship in the far background

The video below provides a decent overview of the events.

Some excellent highlights of the event 

 Look for a post about my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow!

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One Response to A Royal Welcome

  1. Hoosiermom1@aol.com says:

    Love it…what a great thing to experience first hand…once on a lifetime! Hello to J!

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