Packing lightly is not my strong suit

The month of May has been a time of packing up different elements of my life. Not only have I been faced with the difficult task of packing and sorting through my childhood room as we prepare to sell our house, but I’ve also been faced with the task of choosing what to fit into the two bags and one backpack I’m planning to travel with abroad. In a way, I’ve been making my world smaller and more compact as I choose what to carry along with me.

My pre-packing mess

There’s something very therapeutic about learning to let go of the old and welcome the new. As I’ve been packing, I’m constantly playing the mental game of “What would I miss the most in the next year or so when I’m away?” Surprisingly (or maybe not), there is probably is a lot I could do without but cling to for memory’s sake. Jonathan has made it a point to remind me that England is a developed country that has everything I need to survive, but it’s still hard to let certain things go, such as a dress that holds a lot of sentimental value but may not flatter me the way it did when I was 18.

I’ve naturally filled my bags with as many clothes as possible for all weather conditions, but I’ve also had to figure out my most prized possessions: my DVD collection that I missed the first time I went abroad, one or two favorite books that are comforting to have on hand, the Bose headphones I got for Christmas that have changed the way I listen to music. It’s sort of like that hypothetical desert island situation — what would objects would you bring?

At the same time, I’m forcing myself to leave space in my luggage for things I’m unexpectedly going to pick up along the way. Maybe I’m going to find my new favorite outfit in London, or an amazing souvenir from somewhere in Asia. If I bring too much from the past, I’ll have no room for the future.

So here’s my final effort with less than 48 hours until I fly out!

Packed up and (hopefully) ready

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